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Dr. ParsaDr. Cameron Parsa is an Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology in the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He has subspecialty training in both neuro-ophthalmology and pediatric ophthalmology and works in the Pediatric Ophthamology and Adult Strabismus of the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. Sturge-Weber syndrome overlaps his areas of major interest. Much of his research has focused on the vascular system as it appears in the eye and relates systemically, as well as to vascular issues in glaucoma. He believes that a concentration of resources and teaming of efforts in a multidisciplinary fashion will lead not only to improved patient care, but also to a better understanding of the disease process.


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mission statement

The Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community, a branch of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, provides support and services freely and upon a volunteer basis for individuals and families living with SWS and vascular birthmarks, while sponsoring research and promoting physician education and awareness, as well as education of the public at large.