What is Paramedical Makeup?
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Sweet Leilani logoWhen LeiLani first began her career in Film and T.V. in 1990 the corrective makeup industry was non-existent.

Few people understand the complexity of this art of makeup. It is a skill that makeup artists need to be certified in understanding medical terminology, working closely with medical professionals and the skill of blending makeup pigments with skin pigments along with aiding in emotional support.

LeiLani’s search for existing corrective products to fit her needs came up short, so she entered her first entrepreneurial venture and developed a revolutionary foundation/concealer in one.

Recognized by Burn survivors at the World Burn Congress, Burn and Trauma Units, Cancer Wards and patient referrals from the medical community, this Skin Care Cover Stick acts as a second skin and has natural ingredients that provide anti-inflammatory benefits, calming effects of inflamed skin and has a non-chemical sunscreen and is also water-proof.

Skin Care Cover Stick is the first choice for sensitive, intolerant skin and aids in pre and post-operative care. A product so natural looking that men wear it daily for facial scarring.

LeiLani continues to work in the Film industry, however, her first love of cosmetics is her talent for paramedical makeup. Trained in L.A. with 23 years experience, LeiLani is one of the few certified Paramedical Camouflage Specialists in B.C.

We are passing along this information to you in hopes that you will help educate to get the word out to the many women, men and children living with various skin conditions.
LeiLani, free of charge and in a private setting will teach your patients how to cover challenging skin conditions.

Through her Face the Future program15% of the sales of the Skin Care Cover Stick is donated to the B.C’s Burn and Trauma Unit.

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The Sturge-Weber Syndrome Community, a branch of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation, provides support and services freely and upon a volunteer basis for individuals and families living with SWS and vascular birthmarks, while sponsoring research and promoting physician education and awareness, as well as education of the public at large.